Shane Maguire: Children, Net worth, Occupation, Nicole Curtis

Shane Maguire is a businessman from the United States. He is Nicole Curtis’ ex-partner. Nicole is a well-known reality TV personality who is most recognized for her role in the show Rehab Addict.

Shane has had a tumultuous relationship with her ex-partner over their son’s custody. The war has been bloody, dramatic, and complicated.

Summary of Shane Maguire’s Career

Shane Maguire is his full name.
Birthplace: United States
American nationality
Ethnicity: White Marital Status:
status: divorced
Nicole Curtis is Nicole’s husband.
Entrepreneurship is my profession.

Biographical information about Shane Maguire Shane was born in the United States of America. Little is known about his birth date, parents, siblings, or upbringing.


Shane Maguire’s occupation is unknown. He is The Gold Guys’ business partner. Together with Joe Beasy, he manages a retail chain in Minnesota and California. In these two areas, the corporation buys and sells gold.

Shane Maguire’s Wife and Children

Maguire was previously married to actress Nicole Curtis. Nicole is a multi-talented woman who works as a reality television star, producer, and TV host. She has been rebuilding and remodeling properties for over two decades.

Nicole’s first husband was Steve Lane. In 2009, the reality TV star and Steve formally ended their marriage. Irreconcilable conflicts were claimed as the reason for the divorce. Nicole began dating Shane following her divorce. They welcomed their first child together in May 2015. Harper is the name of Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis’s baby. The lovebirds’ romance did not endure long because they split up shortly after.

Battle for Custody

Nicole Curtis’ baby daddy filed paternity, shared custody, and time with his son Harper in court in November 2015. The judge approved his plea, ordering that Maguire could be with the child over the weekend. Harper’s birth certificate now includes the surname Maguire.

Nicole Curtis went to court a few months after this ruling and filed a motion to deny Harper’s overnight stays with his father. Harper, according to Curtis, was still breastfeeding and hence required to spend the nights at home with his mother. Nicole and Shane were given legal custody of Harper Maguire after numerous hearings. Nicole agreed to set up a trust fund for her son in the amount of $250,000. Maguire was permitted to use this money to purchase a home near his baby mama’s residence in California in order to be closer to Harper.

Shane Maguire Net Worth

Shane Maguire’s net worth is unknown. He is a successful entrepreneur who has been in the business for a long time. However, he has not specified how much money he makes from his business ventures. His net worth has not been disclosed to the general public. Shane Maguire has accomplished a great deal as an entrepreneur on his own. He’s been through a number of squabbles with his ex-partner over his son’s custody. This, like any other father, demonstrates that he simply wants the best for his son.

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