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Since 1969, Kintampo College of Health courses and sandwich programs have transformed medical professional training in Ghana. Despite its affiliation with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the institution has preserved the liberty to establish and fund programs based on domestic and international healthcare needs. It operates in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s requirements, as do other licensed institutions in Ghana. Kintampo College of Health, for example, has homogenized its prices to ensure that all students have the opportunity to pursue an education. The application process is likewise transparent, and everyone is given an equal chance.

Kintampo College of Health Courses and Cut Off Points

The college offers certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s degree programs. Aside from the fundamental programs, the college’s offerings have extended to include the following.

Certificate Courses and The Cut Off Points

There are two certificate programs available at the school: Health Records Management and Field Technician. Both programs are open to all Ghanaians who want to pursue health-related education at the primary level.

The following requirements must be met by the applicant:

  • Be between 18-35 years
  • An aggregate score of 48 points in six subjects (three elective and three elective)
  • At least credits (A1-E8) in the core subjects (English, Mathematics and an Integrated Science)
  • At least passes (A1-E8) in the remaining three elective subjects.

Unfortunately, no Kintampo College of Health access course is available for students interested in pursuing Diploma programs after completing a certificate course. As a result, before applying to a higher program, one must practice for a set period of time. You should also hunt for internships and gain as much experience as possible. When applying for diploma programs, having expertise in a specialized specialty is usually advantageous.

2. Diploma Courses and The Minimal Requirements

In terms of student populations and programs provided, this faculty is the largest in the university. Kintampo College of Health offers five diploma-level courses.

They include:

  • Community Health – Disease Control and Surveillance Option
  • Community Health – Specializing in Nutrition Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Community Mental Health
  • Health Promotion and Social Marketing (option)

To be eligible for any diploma program, you must meet the basic prerequisites.

The requirements include:

  • Be between 18-35 years.
  • At least a 36-aggregate score from three elective subjects and three core subjects.
  • Credits (A1-C6) in English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
  • Credits (A1-C6) in any of the other three subjects.

There is a second option if you are a practicing professional who is interested in any of these diploma courses. You must, however, meet the same standards as the direct candidates. To be eligible for the sandwich courses at Kintampo College of Health, you must also demonstrate that you are a practicing professional.

3. Degree courses offered at Kintampo College of Health and the minimal requirements

Through its relationship with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the college has previously provided degree programs. While the two programs are less in number than those available at the Diploma level, the college treats them equally.

The two-degree courses are:

  • BSc Physician Assistantship (Dental)
  • Physician (Medical) Assistantship

Unfortunately, as with other courses, the college does not admit students for degree programs. As a result, to be eligible for any of the two programs, one must be a practicing professional. The applicant for the BSc Physician Assistantship (Dental) must be:

Have at least two years of professional experience in Ghana as a qualified Dental Surgery Assistant.
Physician (Medical) Assistantship aspirants, on the other hand, must: Have a minimum of one year of experience

Please submit documents of your study leave. Have at least one year of National Service experience.

How to Apply for The Courses

It is now time to apply if you have established that you are eligible for any of the courses mentioned above. Because the college has a limited number of available spots, the procedure may be lengthy and tough. Fortunately, because of the transparency of the procedure, every candidate has an equal chance. To apply for a course:

1. Purchase a Voucher and Fill in The Form on The Portal

You can purchase application codes from the college. The registration codes can be obtained from Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) or Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) (ADB). Currently, the codes are GH 100.00, which includes all necessary expenses. After you pay, ADB or GCB will issue you a voucher with a unique PIN and Serial number. However, you must utilize the PIN and Serial Numbers as soon as possible because you will not be able to use them in later years.

Fill out the form on the Kintampo College of Health entrance portal using the numbers. To apply:

  • Go to Click on the ‘Apply’ option (on the top)
  • Enter the serial and PIN on the voucher
  • Fill in all the necessary spaces on the virtual form.
  • Print out the form and wait for the elimination process.
  • To add another security layer to your details during the application, you should use your primary email.

Furthermore, the registered cellphone number must be operational. Remember to include any necessary certifications and photos. Without the two, your application may be rejected. If you are having trouble uploading either of the two, please contact the institution for more assistance. Depending on your qualifications, Kintampo College may contact you or send you an email regarding your application. To be sure, you should first verify the application progress on the admission portal.

You may face certain difficulties while applying for your desired degree. The site, for example, may not be responsive. If you run into any difficulties, please contact for assistance. Call the agents at +233 54 647 1389, +233 54 647 1364, or +233 54 647 1374 for a faster answer.

2. Attend the Competitive Interview at Kintampo

Shortlisted candidates must attend in person for interviews at Kintampo College of Health. To reserve a space, you must first confirm the invitation on the portal. The major goal of the interview is to determine the legitimacy of the application as well as to determine whether or not the candidates are the best pick. Prepare thoroughly, as you would for any interview. Carry all of the certificates for the panel for authentication purposes as well. When the interview is finished, the panel will publish the results on the internet. If you do your homework by properly preparing, you have a better chance of passing the interview, which is fair to all candidates.

3. Prepare for Admission

Begin preparing for admission if you meet all of the requirements. The Kintampo College of Health admission forms must be printed by all students from the webpage. So, make a copy. In addition, you should confirm the admission charge. The portal will provide information on where you may make the required entrance payments. Keep all necessary papers on hand for the admissions day.

4. Report to College

Once you’ve paid the fees, submit your report by the deadline specified on the portal. You have been accepted as a student at Kintampo College of Health. For students interested in pursuing jobs in the health field, the Kintampo College of Health courses and sandwich programs are unrivaled. Furthermore, as one of the essential schools under the Health Training Institution, the college provides some of the best student facilities. However, you must first go through the college admission process, which attracts thousands of students each year.

Final Words

KNUST has grown to become one of Ghana’s most prestigious institutions, offering a wide range of engaging degrees to students. The distance learning program is unique in that it allows students who live far away from the college to seek the degrees they desire.

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