Husqvarna z254f Review

Husqvarna z254f Review: A beautiful lawn completely depends on the amount of maintenance care you give into it. It is not possible to maintain a lawn without a lawn mower. But with the mass choice in the market, it can be confusing which one to choose.

To help you with this problem today, we are going to review one of the popular mowers, the Husqvarna Z254F so that you can decide if this is the suitable one for you or not.

Husqvarna z254f Overview

Zero-turn mowers from the Z200 Series are designed with performance and style in mind. Your lawn maintenance shouldn’t be held back by a slower, less powerful riding mower. The Z254F zero-turn mower boasts a 23 HP engine that cuts through turf like butter. You can easily load the 54 inches deck using the deck lift. A ClearCutTM feature deck ensures clear uneven cuts. Mowing is intuitive and safe thanks to a control panel that’s ergonomic and non-slip. It’s easy to park the mower after a day of mowing by moving the steering lever outward. Husqvarna’s Z254F zero-turn is the machine you need for exceptional mowing.


  • Engine Brand- Kawasaki
  • Engine Type V-twin
  • Engine Horsepower 23
  • Engine Oil Capacity 70.4 oz.
  • Fuel Capacity 3.5 gallons
  • Engine Displacement- 726 cm.
  • Number of Blades- 3
  • Number of Deck Positions- 6
  • Number of Deck/Anti-Scalp Wheels- 6
  • Maximum grass Cutting Height- 4 inches
  • Minimum Cutting Height (Inches) 5
  • Assembled Weight- 610 IBS
  • Transmission Type- Dual hydrostatic
  • Discharge Location- Side
  • Attachment Compatible- Rear
  • Front Wheel Size- 11-inches
  • Maximum Forward Speed 6.5 MPH
  • Maximum Reverse Speed 3.5 MPH
  • Oil Filter Type Spin-on
  • Operator- Controlled Mow-in-Reverse
  • Overall Length – 75 Inches
  • Overall Width with Deck- 66 inches
  • Rear Wheel Size- 18-inches
  • Recommended for Terrain Type- Flat with obstacles
  • Blade Engagement Type (PTO)- Electric
  • Seat Type- High-back
  • Cut Width- 54 inches
  • Deck Gauge- 10
  • Warranty- 3-year limited

Husqvarna z254f Review & Features

Z-turn mowers, such as Husqvarna’s Z254F, are part of Husqvarna’s Z200 series, which is known for sleek designs and innovative technologies. Designed as an upgrade to the earlier Z200 model, Z254, the Z254F is the latest version of the Z254. It shares a similar appearance with the Z254. It features an orange and gray color scheme that is equally impressive and attractive.

The rest of the detailed features are described below:


For the Z254F mower, you can choose from a variety of engine options, including Kawasaki, Briggs and Stratton, and Kohler. While the Kawasaki engine produces 23 horsepower, Briggs & Stratton engine produces 24 horsepower and the Kohler engine produces 26 horsepower. However, 6.5 mph is the maximum speed that can be reached by all three engines. Additionally, all the engines have a quiet operation and have a smooth power output. It provides reliable starting under any temperature condition and works with the smart-choke key.


With the Z254F mower, you can easily access the choke, ignition, and throttle from one place. By simply steering the levers in or out, the new automatic parking brake can turn off or start the engine automatically. A deck lift is easily accessible and easy to use with the spring deck lift system, which is located conveniently. However, Husqvarna mowers are not quite suitable for hilly areas. So, it is better to read the instructions about how much your mower can tolerate.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Additionally, the Z254F lawn mower comes with a hydro-gear EZT hydrostatic transmission, providing a powerful and torque-rich performance. A zero-turn transmission, as well as a worry-free performance, are other features of the Z254F mower from Husqvarna.

Cut Quality

A heavy-duty cutting deck and six cutting positions ensure maximum cutting performance on the Husqvarna Z254F mower. Clear cut decks provide consistent and smooth cutting results across their entire width thanks to their innovative design. Even at higher mowing speeds and through taller or rougher grass, the Z254F Z-turn lawn mower offers excellent cutting performance. There are three anti-scalp wheels on this zero-turn mower that counter any scalping even on uneven terrain.


With its ergonomic high-back and soft outer vinyl covering, the seat of the Z254F mower is one of the most important aspects of comfort. The seat measures approximately 15 inches. Additionally, the seat can be slid and comes with spring suspension. In combination, all of these features create excellent lumbar support, allowing one to ride the mower for extended periods of time without discomfort. A generous amount of anti-slip surfaces are incorporated into the foot area to prevent slippage. So, you are totally comfortable while you mow.

Pros & Cons

The pros of Husqvarna Z254F are- it is equipped with huge cooling fans that keep the mower running smoothly, the mower’s ClearCut deck cutting feature is truly effective, the performance of the air filtration system is outstanding. However, there are some cons as well. They are- there might be a problem with cutting thick or wet grass and the mower parts can break after several uses.  Although this mower has some problems, it is still a popular choice for many users.

Final Words

So, that was all about the Husqvarna Z254F lawn mower review. If you think the features are what you are looking for then you should go for this lawn mower. Although this mower has some problems, do not worry because of the problems it can cause as those are common problems of lawn mowers and Husqvarna is a very popular brand name for durability and service.

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