How to Learn Swimming for Child

Learning to swim is a rite of passage for many children, but it’s a skill that has benefits throughout a lifetime. To make sure the child gets the maximum benefit, many parents turn to swim lessons from an instructor. Learning in this setting can be much easier for a child, and can make the whole process go more smoothly. If your child is gearing up for their first swim lessons, here are some things you should do beforehand.

How to learn swimming for childHow to swim for kids

Make sure your child gets practice

For almost every child, the bathtub is their first experience with water. They’ll feel comfortable there. Take some time at home in the bathtub to practice some of the elements of a swim lesson. Have your child hold their breath and submerge their head under the water. You may even want to encourage them to blow bubbles under the water.

This teaches them they should be exhaling, rather than inhaling and sucking in water. If your bathtub is large enough, have your child lay on their back and float. As you’re practicing, let your child know that they’ll be doing very similar things at their swim lesson.

Make sure your child understands what will happen

You can explain to your child that they have swim lessons coming up, but they very likely won’t understand everything that’s coming. If it’s their first time in a “class” setting, or their first time really in the water, there’s a good chance they’ll be nervous.

Take the time to discuss everything that will happen: the rules the instructor may have, the environment they’ll be in, how to deal with other children, and the different things they’ll learn. Express that they’re learning something fun.How to learn swimming for child

Make it a special time

Make the beginning of swimming lessons a special event with your child. Since they will need a swimsuit and towel (and perhaps goggles, swim shoes, and ear or nose plugs), make a special trip together to purchase these items. If your child isn’t potty trained, a special swim diaper will be needed. Inflatable “floaties” for your child’s arms aren’t recommended (and likely aren’t even allowed).

They give the child a false sense of security and don’t allow for proper development and training. Let your child pick out their favorites. If they feel like a part of the process, they won’t feel as out of control. If your child particularly likes their choices, they may even be excited to show them off and look forward to the lessons.

Preparing beforehand can ensure that your child’s swim lessons, such as at B & C Aquatics Limited, go as smoothly as possible. It’s an anxious time for most children, but there’s plenty you can do to help.

Many parents attempt to teach their own children to swim, but that won’t provide the level of confidence and assurance that comes with learning from a trained instructor. Take some time to prepare your child, and they’ll be swimming like a fish in no time!

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