Central University College Fees, Courses, and Admission in Ghana

Central University College (CUC) is a higher education school founded in 1988. The center of excellence provides tertiary education in the liberal arts with a broad curriculum. CUC, on the other hand, has grown through time to incorporate an integrated and practice-oriented business school. In 2016, it was renamed Central University and became a full-fledged university. Undergraduate, graduate and research students can enroll in a variety of courses. At the college, all of the courses are organized into eight departments.

Central University College facilitates access to higher education for all qualified Ghanaians. The institution’s courses are designed to satisfy the needs of all students, regardless of their prior academic experience. Despite the fact that the university began as a teaching institution, it currently provides research programs that are proven to be crucial in the education of all students.

Courses and Cut-off Points at Central University

Central University offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Central University offers undergraduate programs. Undergraduates can take the following courses:

  • Real Estate Bachelor’s Degree
  • Architecture Bachelor’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s degree in communication studies
  • Master of Arts in Environment and Development Studies
  • French Bachelor of Arts
  • Theology Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor’s degree in social work
  • Sociology Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Laws degree
  • Agribusiness Bachelor’s Degree
  • Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance is a degree in banking and finance.
  • Marketing, Human Resource Management, or Accounting are all options for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
  • Civil Engineering Bachelor’s Degree
  • Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree
  • Economics Bachelor of Science
  • Information Technology Bachelor’s Degree
  • Management Studies Bachelor’s Degree
  • Nursing Bachelor of Science
  • Physician Assistant-ship Bachelor of Science
  • Master’s Degree in Planning
  • Psychology Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health is a degree in public health.

Central University Offers Post-Graduate Programs

You can enroll in any of these courses if you need to improve your education as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • Master’s Degree in Leadership and Governance for Executives Master’s degree in arts (Religious Studies)
  • Master of Arts in English as a Second Language Instruction (TESL)
  • Business Administration Master’s Degree (Finance)
  • Business Administration Master’s Degree (General Management)
  • Philosophical Master’s Degree (Theology)
  • Business Administration Master’s Degree (Human Resource Management)
  • Business Administration Master’s Degree (Marketing)
  • Marketing Research Master’s Degree

Depending on the program, Central University has several cut-off points. However, the following are the minimum criteria for undergraduate students:

Applicants for the WASSCE

You’ll need the following items:

  • A total score of 36 or above.
  • Three Credit passes (A1-C6) in English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science or Social Studies, as well as three credit passes in three elective topics.

Applicants for the SSSCE

You must meet the following academic requirements:

  • Three credit passes (A-D) in basic disciplines of mathematics, English, and science or social studies are required.
  • Three elective subjects receive credit.
  • A total score of 24 or above is required.

Applicants for both the ordinary and advanced levels of the GCE
This category has the following requirements:

  • Five subjects receive credit.
  • At the O’ Level, English Language and Mathematics must be included.
  • At least three A’ Level passes One of the passes at A’ Level must have a grade of D (plain) or above.
  • A passing grade on General Paper.

Candidates Over The Age of 18

These are students who are accepted to the university after passing the Mature Students’ Entrance Examination. Two papers in specialization areas and one general paper make up the tests. The following requirements must be met by all applicants:
You must be at least 25 years old.

  • A certified copy of their birth certificate must be submitted.
  • From the date of issue to the filing of the application form, the birth certificate must be five years old.

Holders of a diploma

An applicant must complete the following prerequisites in addition to a diploma or professional certificate:

  • Passes in English and Mathematics at GCE O’ Level for WASSCE/SSSCE applicants.
  • Passes in English and Core Mathematics for WASSCE/SSSCE applicants.

The institution’s website has more information regarding the cutoff points and other admittance requirements.

Is D7 accepted at Central University?

Academic admittance requirements at Central University, like those at all other institutions of higher learning, vary based on the program you intend to study. All of its requirements are in line with the professional and regulatory agencies across the country. You will be qualified to attend Central University College if you have a D7.

For WASSCE students, D7 is a passing grade. However, it will only allow you to enroll in the institution’s Diploma program. Obtain six passes (A1-D7) in all subjects to gain a competitive advantage. Three of them should have at least a credit pass (C6).

What are The Locations Where I May Purchase Central University Forms?

If you want to apply to Central University Ghana, you can do so online on the institution’s website. In that scenario, you’ll need to purchase an E-voucher for GH 100.00. The voucher is accepted at all Ecobank locations.

You may also buy the voucher with MTN Mobile Money and VISA-branded cards. To complete your application online, you’ll need the E-Serial voucher’s Number and PIN.

You can also submit a paper application if you choose. To do so, you’ll need to get a paper application form costing GHC100.00 and GHC120.00, respectively, for Undergraduate and Graduate courses. The forms can be purchased in a variety of ways, including:

  • Banker’s Draft from the Miotso, Kumasi, and Mataheko campuses’ Finance Office.
  • Zenith Bank, Ecobank, and GCB Bank have branches all over the country.

The forms are also available at all Ghana Post Office locations throughout the country.

Is Central University a Medical School?

The School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Central University (Ghana) offers medicine courses. These are some of the programs:

  • Nursing Bachelor of Science
  • Physician Assistantship Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health is a degree in public health

Students must meet the following entry requirements for any of the above programs:

Candidates for The SSSCE

  • You must have a total score of 24 or higher in six subjects.
  • A-D in the three core disciplines of Mathematics, English Language, and Integrated Science is required.
  • At least three passes (A-D) in Science optional subjects are required.

Candidates for The WASSCE

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Six subjects with a total score of 36 or higher.
  • A1-C6 in the three core disciplines of Mathematics, English Language, and Integrated Science is required.
  • At least three passes in Science optional classes are required.

Candidates for a Diploma

The following are the academic qualifications:

A diploma in public health and nursing from a reputable educational institution is required.

Environmental Health and Disease Control Diploma

Diploma holders can transfer credits from previous courses to Central University College. When applying, they must, however, have the appropriate references and recommendations. Candidates must also demonstrate their ability to speak and write fluent English. All applicants for admission to the School of Medicine and Health Sciences will be interviewed by the school.

Is Central University a for Profit Institution?

Central University is a private higher education school in Ghana. The International Central Gospel Church’s educational initiative is the university (ICGC). It began as a Pastoral Training Institute, but after acquiring the Presidential Charter in 2016, it is now a full-fledged university.

Admissions to Central University in 2021/2022

For the academic year 2020/2021, Central University is accepting applications for undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can apply for a number of courses, including master’s and bachelor’s degree programs in science. Here’s how to get started with your application.

  • Go to the institution’s online application website for more information.
  • Purchase an E-voucher for GHC100.00 to gain access to the online application.
  • A PIN and a Serial Number can be found on the E-voucher.
  • To begin applying, fill out the information on the application web-page.

You must submit the following information central university online application:

  • two passport-size pictures
  • Certificates and result slips

If you prefer to apply offline, follow these steps:

The undergraduate or graduate application form can be downloaded on the university’s website.

Directly send the completed application form to the university.

With the form, include your official results slips, transcripts from prior colleges, and certificates.

Admissions list for Central University

The names of successful provisional admission applicants are listed on the Central University admission list. After you’ve submitted your application, use the following steps to see if you’re on the list:

  • Go to the login page for the institution.
  • On your E-voucher, enter the Serial Number and PIN.
  • To see your admission status, click Continue.

If you’ve been accepted, you can now print your acceptance letter. You can also see if your name is on the list by going to the Newly Admitted website.

Schedule Fees

Fees for new students (undergraduate and graduate) at Central University vary based on the course. International students will pay between USD 1,360 and USD 4,044 every semester for the 2020-2021 academic year, depending on the program.

Students in Ghana will pay anywhere between GHC 1,925 and GHC 5,500 per semester. The cost of business courses at the Kumasi campus ranges from GHC 2,000 to GHC 2,888 per semester. More information can be found on the institution’s website in the fees section.

Graduation from Central University

The graduation ceremony for Central University takes place in Miotso, on the institution’s main campus. You must complete your studies at the institution in order to graduate. A current student should go to the Student Information Portal for further information regarding the planned ceremony in 2021.

Central University College was founded in 1988 as a private school of higher learning. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and research programs to students from a variety of backgrounds. You can apply for the 2021/2022 academic year now if you intend to attend the university.

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