Burn Off Your Carbs So Your Metabolism Can Better Target Stored Fat

Anyone who wants to hit the gym really hard will benefit from the carbohydrate-produced glucose (sugar) necessary to complete a decent intensity one-hour session. To maximize your weight loss potential, however, you must burn off the bulk of the sugar in the bloodstream. As long as significant amounts of glucose remain, your metabolism is not going to burn much stored fat. The abundance of sugar must be tapped for energy first.

Through watching daily carbohydrate intake and effectively burning carbs by maintaining a high heart rate during exercise sessions, your metabolism is forced to burn stored fat for fuel for the rest of the day.Burn Off Your Carbs

Set a Maximum Number of Daily Carbs

Anyone performing a lot of cardio and aerobics work is going to burn a certain amount of sugars. If you eat too many, though, a lot of sugar is going to remain in the system. Determine the maximum amount of carbohydrates best eaten per day based on your activity level. A decent carbohydrate calculator helps with determining how many carbs should be consumed based on your weight loss goals.

Generally, weight maintenance is about 100 – 150 grams of carbohydrates per day. To increase the likelihood of leaning out quickly, drop your carb intake slightly below 100 grams even if you are very active. This way, you have less glucose to burn through at the gym.

Better yet, you should maximize your carbohydrate burning when working out. This way, your body is forced to burn fat for the remainder of the day since so little sugar is left for fuel.

Perform Carb Burning Anaerobic Workouts

Conduct the necessary research to determine what your maximum intensity heart rate is based on your age, weight, and gender. This information is critical because you must exercise at 75% of your maximum heart rate (the anaerobic threshold) in order to efficiently burn off carbs.

Investing in a heart rate monitor greatly aids in ensuring you really are training in the desired anaerobic zone during workout sessions.

Use a Heart Rate Monitor to Maximize Carb Burning

One of the most important pieces of exercise equipment you could purchase is a heart rate monitor. All you have to do is wear a watch-like monitor on your wrist and wrap a sensor strap around your chest. The strap reads exactly how many beats per minute your heart is performing while exercising. The data is displayed on the wrist monitor.

Wear the heart rate monitor while working out on an exercise bike or other type of cardio equipment. This way, you always know whether or not your heart is beating at the threshold necessary to maximize carbohydrate burning. To learn more, contact a company like Legge Fitness Stores with any questions you have.

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