100+ Asian Female Names and Their Meanings

Giving your adorable baby angel a lovely name is well worth it, given everything you went through before bringing your bundle of joy into the world. Take a look at these Asian girls’ names. There are a plethora of them to pick from, and your kid will be eternally grateful when she discovers the significance as she grows older.

Asian civilizations are among the most fascinating in the world. Their culture is multifaceted, and their daily activities reflect this. Some girls have names that are Latin, French, English, or Greek in origin. This is because European powers long ago occupied Asian countries. Furthermore, as much as religion influences the names individuals give their children, many of them give their children names with hidden meanings. In most situations, the connotations are pleasant and bestow blessings on the children. So, have a look at some of the distinctive Asian girl names listed below that are worth considering for your baby girl.

Asian Names Female in Countries

Female names in Asian countries frequently reflect positive characteristics. Most parents would utilize them for their daughters, expecting the attributes to show in their lives. These are some common Asian female names, categorized by origin and with lovely interpretations.

Names with a Japanese Origin

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, giving your newborn girl a name from that nation will not be a problem for you. Look over this list to see if any of them appeal to you.

Shizuko: It refers to a peaceful child.
Shigeko: It is a luxurious child’s name.
Yutsuko: It refers to a Yutso child.
Sign: It refers to moral uprightness.
Suma: It means to inquire.
Sakae is a Japanese word that means “prosperity.”
Sakiya: It refers to the blossoming and growing of cherry fruit.
Sanako: It is the name of Sana’s child.
Sato: It means “sugar.”
Saura is an abbreviation for heavenly.
Sayo: It refers to a girl who was born in the middle of the night.
Seiko: It denotes power and truth.
Serika: It’s an abbreviation for a parsley flower.
Setsuko: It denotes a calm child.
Shima: It translates as “genuine intention.”
Shino is an abbreviation for slender bamboo.
Shirushi: It stands for proof.
Sumiko: It symbolizes a bright young lady.
Suzuki: It’s a bell tree.
Ahmad: It is an abbreviation for “black rain.”

Names with Indian Origin

Have you ever seen an Indian film and fallen in love with a character’s name? Here are a couple more Asian baby girl names to consider for your adorableness.
Sarojini: It means “within the lotus.”
Shresth: It means “the best of all the children.”
Sudarshan: It refers to a lovely lady.
Suravi: It refers to the sun.
Upma: It is an abbreviation for the best.
Ujjwala: It means “brilliant.”

Names with Chinese Origin

Don’t play down on the power of names. These are some powerful ones originating from China, which people will thank you for if you give your child.

Shihong: It implies that the entire globe is crimson.
Song: It is an abbreviation for a pine tree.
Suyin: It denotes someone who is not ornamented.
Tu: It refers to the earth element jade.
Ting: It conveys grace.
Yuke: It represents the moon.
However, Kwai: Means “beautiful as a rose.”
Qinyang: It represents the sun in my heart.
Qing: This name refers to a greenish-blue color.

Names with Viet Origin

These are some names that will entice people to ask if your child is of Vietnamese ancestry. You’ll enjoy them.
Xuan: It means “springtime.”
Tuyen: It is an abbreviation for snow.
Trang: It implies intelligence or wisdom.
Thanh: It translates as “bright blue.”
Thao: It denotes someone who is appreciative of their parents.

Unique Asian Girl Names

Do you want your adorable newborn to stand out in a crowd with her name? Then think about giving her a unique name. These lovely Asian names will not only highlight her individuality but will also make people fall in love with her quickly.

Ting: This Chinese name denotes a slender person.
Mei is a Chinese term that signifies “beautiful girl.”
Yon: It translates to “lotus bloom” in Korean.
Yeo is a Korean word that means “mild.”
U: It stands for mild. Akira: This Japanese word means “bright.”
Chika: This is a Japanese name that means “wise one.”
Hisa: This Japanese name means “forever.”
Kasumi: This is a Japanese term that means “mystical.”
Vanna is a Cambodian word that means “golden.”

Common Asian Female Names

Some common female Asian names have a special place in the hearts of those who live on this continent. This is because the names are lovely and have intriguing meanings. Here are a few examples;

Amber: These names signify “beautiful and brilliant.” Alina/Aalina/Elina: These names mean “beautiful and bright.” It denotes that the honey-colored diamond is valuable, precious, and rare. Aanya/Anya: This name refers to a female who shines brightly at night, illuminating others.
In Bhutanese, the name Dechen means “one who offers tremendous enjoyment.” Harsha: It is a Hindi and Sanskrit word that means “happiness.”
Kaoru: The translation is fragrant, derived from the Japanese term for scent. Ishana/Ishana: It is of Arabic origin and means “exemplary,” “perfectionist,” or “from the Lord himself.”
Sukhi/Sukhada: In Hindi, it means “always at peace and full of happiness.”
Kiran: In Sanskrit Gurmeet, the name refers to the sun’s rays or a beam of light: A Sikh title that translates as “guru’s companion.”

Cute Asian Names for Girls

Every parent wishes to give his or her child a name with a distinct and significant significance. This is because it is often assumed that appellations carry their significance throughout the lives of children and affect their fate. The names listed here are charming and popular Chinese female names that you can give to your kid.

Ai: Love and affection are two interpretations of the word ai.
Alix: This is interpreted as dignified.
Bai: It means pure Bethsheba: It signifies an oath Bi: It implies green jade
Billi is an abbreviation for will-helmet.
Bo: perceived as valuable
Caihong: Described as a rainbow in the sky.
Chu: A valuable diamond that is used all over the world.
Cui: Assumed to be a prince Da
Xia: That means a very long summer.
Diu: A person who is constantly down-to-earth.
Genji: A great value equal to gold.
Go A person who is responsible and motivating.
Guo: The wall that surrounds a city.
Hee: This is interpreted as the lotus flower.
Heng is a Chinese word that means “solid and persistent.”
Hien can be translated as polite and persevering.
Holes: Means “holy.”
Lien: A person who possesses the beauty of a lotus flower.
Lian: An elegant person like a willow.
Julissa: It refers to a person who has a pleasant, distinct, and unmistakable personality.
Ju: Represented as a Daisy blossom

Common Female Names in China

Chinese people have some amazing names that they give to their lovely children. Despite the fact that certain appellations have comparable meanings, you will find them lovely for your adorableness. So, any of the Chinese female names on this list will suffice.

Wng Fang: It stands for aroma touch.
Wag Xiu Ying: It translates to “brave and elegant.”
Li Xiu Ying: It translates to “brave and elegant.”
Li Na: It has a lovely ring to it.
Zhang Xiu Ying: It translates to “brave and elegant.”
Zhang Min: It is an abbreviation for “quick.”
Li Jing: It translates as “calm.”
Zhang Li: It has a lovely connotation.
Wng Jing: It means “calm.”
Wag Li: It means “calm.”
Zhang Jing: It implies peace and tranquility.
Li Min: It translates as “swift.”
Wng Min: It translates as “fast.”
Liu Yang: It’s an abbreviation meaning “ocean.”
Wag Yan: It translates to “glamourous.”
Li Juan: It translates as “lovely.”
Zhang Yan: It is an abbreviation for glamorous.
Li Yan: It signifies glitzy.
Liu Fang: It is an abbreviation for fragrance.
Li Gui Ying: It translates to “Cassia Bark Tree Hero.”
Li Li: It is an abbreviation for “lovely.”
Liu Min: It’s an abbreviation meaning “quick.”
Li Xia: It means “red clouds.”
Wng Xiu Lan: It means “elegant orchid.”
Juan Wag: It stands for “lovely.”

To summarize, choosing the proper Asian names for women should not be difficult right now. This article has listed some of them for you to pick from. Make sure you choose one with a sign that corresponds to your excitement and give it to your daughter. Remember that an appellation is your child’s identity, so make it worthwhile.

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